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Gourd lamp decoration

A design that attracts a lot of attention when it is not burned during the dayIn fact, it is of great importance in decoration as it does not burn as much as it burns. We attach great importance to the visual of the day with the paint work done.You can combine our gourd lamps, which have become the ..
The harmony of gourd lamps is great in lighting decoration of cafes, restaurants, bars and bistros.All of our desktop models that you see as lampshades can be turned into a chandelier.As pendant lamps, sconces, chandelier and lampshade, we can process any theme you can think of and present it to you..
In this model, you can cut your lampshade or chandelier.It is shipped ready to go.The circumference of the product is 80 cm.Height measurement is 25 cm.As you can understand from the light filters it gives around, a natural study is aimed...
Our illusion water pumpkin lamp model, in which colors and cuts offer different visualsThe design of all our models belongs to us. If you want to design a different lampshade, chandelier or sconce, just contact us.Dimensions of our illusion gourd lamp modelThe height is 35 cm and the circumference i..
Kabağın etrafında dönen safari çizimi Dekorasyon anlamında çok büyük önem kazanan su kabakları, otantik dekore edilmiş mekanların vazgeçilmez aydınlatmaları olmuştur.Bir aydınlatma düşünün üstünde istediğiniz herşey çizilebilir olsun, her tema işlenebilir olsun. Sanırım su kabağından başka bir ..
We produced this gourd lamp with a yoga theme as lampshade.Most yoga practitioners practice a physical posture program designed to purify the body and provide the physical strength and endurance needed for a long meditation process.In this meditation process, we decided to produce a yoga-themed lamp..
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